Coupon Codes & Outsourcing Content: Budget Tips

In the first instalment of this series on budget tips for small businesses we’re going to explore two popular options for saving money on your small business expenses and maximizing your profits. Each week we’ll take a look at two common practices for small businesses: one that works and one that doesn’t, and why that is the case for each one. First up…

Coupon Codes: They work!

Almost all companies have coupon codes. Sometimes they might call them promo codes or voucher codes, but they all do the same thing: get you a great deal and save you money! You can get coupons for almost anything: website hosting, travel, software and services, retail and tech items, and so much more. This is a budget tip that really works, I mean it’s hard to lose with this one. CouponFeed is our go-to website for getting these codes, you can visit their homepage here. You need to buy something for your business, if there is a coupon available why would you not use it?! I think a lot of people don’t realize how many coupons are available out there, and they don’t bother to search for one before they make a purchase. Remember that they are not just for brick and mortar retailers, and they are available in way more places than just the local grocery store flyer! Before you buy anything online, if they have a spot for a coupon or promo code do a quick Google search. Let’s say you…

Six Steps to Affordable Hosting Through Coupons

How much are you willing to spend on getting your website hosted? Do you know that there’s a way of getting your website hosted by your preferred agency for whatever amount you’ll bring to the table? Welcome to the world of web coupons, my friend. Generally speaking, monthly hosting costs range from $1 (with the right sale going on ) to $500 for premium VPS. Web hosting is a big business. These businesses need to make profit. They issue coupons to attract more sales. As a customer, you get better rates. These are the exact steps I take. Think of it as a guide on how to use coupons to save hundreds on web hosting for your website. If you like to listen to music while you work (I certainly do!), click here for a list of the top MP3 players. Put on some of your favourite jams, and get down to work!

Step 1: Find an appropriate hosting plan

This will be dependent on the nature of your website. How many monthly visitors do you expect? Will you be hosting any files for download? Figure out how much traffic you expect each month. Shared hosting plans are sufficient for most startups. They’re the cheapest hosting options too.

Step2. Compare hosting providers

Start by looking at their uptime guarantee. This is usually a percentage. Higher percentages are preferred as they guarantee that your website will never be offline. Look at how fast their support team is at solving issues.…

Top 3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

how to drive traffic to your blog
You already know the value of a blog, which is why you have one. You’ve been writing for a while but Google Analytics Data shows that you haven’t made too much of an impact with regard to your traffic. How do you change that? Well, today we share our secrets with you. We’ve been running a successful blog for several years and we’ve noted down some sure-fire ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Keeping Your Blog on Budget: Use Renewal Coupons

The whole point of driving traffic to your blog is to make it more profitable, and one of the ways that can happen more quickly is to make sure that you keep the costs down. We found some promo codes at, even if you don’t use they have coupons for lots of other companies so it’s definitely worth a look. A lot of times your initial purchase is deeply discounted, make sure you look for renewal coupons before your initial contract is up to keep your costs low.

Top 3 Tips To Drive Traffic To your Blog

These tips will not only help guide you towards getting more traffic but also get you traffic that’s relevant to your business in terms of sales.

1) Write A Stellar Headline

Take your time in deciding the headline for your blog posts. They are one of the primary attention grabbers in our limited attention span world. You have all of two seconds in which to rouse the curiosity of…

GoDaddy Coupons and 3 Ways To Improve Your Blog This Year.

godaddy coupon codes - blogging work for you

Make Your Blog Work for You this New Year

Virtually all small business owners understand just how important blogs are nowadays, however, not all of them maintain a blog that gets real attention. Growing your blog’s popularity is one of the most attainable and beneficial goals that you can set for your business. With a few clear cut methods, you can improve your blog in many different ways and ultimately, drive more traffic to it.

Cut Down Expenses With GoDaddy Coupon Codes:

Regular blogging expenses tend to include hosting costs, domain registrations, ssl certificates and the like. If you use GoDaddy, you can use godaddy coupon codes to cut down on those yearly expenses. There’s also specific coupons available for godaddy ssl coupons, for example. You can also look at godaddy vps promo codes if you have a virtual private server setup.

Get to Know Your Audience

Before you can create a blog that attracts your ideal audience, you must get to know them on a personal level. Who are they? What do they like? What are their demographics? These are just a few examples of questions that you must address. Once you have a deep understanding of your audience, you can begin tailoring content that speaks to them and grabs their interest. One way you can do this is through email outreach. If you have an email list, you can simply send a message asking what it is your audience is interested in. Sometimes the simple act…

Five Reasons Not to Start a Niche Blog

Conventional wisdom states that you should choose a niche topic for your blog. Starting a niche blog will make it easier for you to build traffic and make money. You’ll have less competition, it’ll be easier for readers to identify with you, and you’ll sell products more easily because you’ll have a better idea of your readers’ needs and wants. So generally, focusing on a niche topic is a good idea. However, there are several situations in which you might choose not to go this route. 

You’re making an online portfolio

Maybe you don’t care about monetization, and you don’t care how many people read your blog. Your site might serve just as a portfolio of your writing skills that demonstrates the wide range of writing styles and topics in which you’re able to produce good work. If this is the case, it doesn’t matter too much if there’s a common thread to your posts; you just want to show off your versatility. A niche blog focused on one area won’t let you do this. 

You’re already rich and famous 

If you’re on the Forbes rich list or a celebrity that can easily get a lot of press coverage, you can pretty much write about your tablecloth every day and you’ll still get traction. You could start a topic on a niche area if you really wanted to, but you don’t need to because you are a niche topic yourself. You can use a generalist blog to direct traffic…