Six Steps to Affordable Hosting Through Coupons

How much are you willing to spend on getting your website hosted? Do you know that there’s a way of getting your website hosted by your preferred agency for whatever amount you’ll bring to the table? Welcome to the world of web coupons, my friend. Generally speaking, monthly hosting costs range from $1 (with the right sale going on ) to $500 for premium VPS. Web hosting is a big business. These businesses need to make profit. They issue coupons to attract more sales. As a customer, you get better rates. These are the exact steps I take. Think of it as a guide on how to use coupons to save hundreds on web hosting for your website. If you like to listen to music while you work (I certainly do!), click here for a list of the top MP3 players. Put on some of your favourite jams, and get down to work!

hostpapa coupon codes - couponlynxStep 1: Find an appropriate hosting plan

This will be dependent on the nature of your website. How many monthly visitors do you expect? Will you be hosting any files for download? Figure out how much traffic you expect each month. Shared hosting plans are sufficient for most startups. They’re the cheapest hosting options too.

Step2. Compare hosting providers

Start by looking at their uptime guarantee. This is usually a percentage. Higher percentages are preferred as they guarantee that your website will never be offline. Look at how fast their support team is at solving issues. Don’t take too much time comparing bandwidth, memory and other technical specifications. They are generally sufficient. By now you should be having a list of your preferred hosting companies.

Step 3: Go for hosting agencies that accept coupons.

Go through your list of hosting agents and eliminate those that don’t work with coupons

Step 4: Finding coupon codes

There are many websites offering sharing these codes. Do your own due diligence and find the best one. At this stage, we’re looking for the best deal. We will use discount codes to get cheaper hosting. Take your time looking for great deals. It is also worth noting that hosting providers generally offer lower rates for long-term hosting. This means that using the same coupon code, you get more savings by signing up for a three-year plan.

Unlike grocery coupons, web hosting coupons are implemented immediately. You will notice a price drop as soon as you key in a valid discount code. On the checkout page, you will get a summary of your order.

Step 5: Abandon shopping cart

Most hosting providers will give you (another) random coupon code if you leave your cart unattended overnight. They will never tell you this. Now that I have shared my “secret sauce”, use it to your advantage. Try this on other hosts too. Who knows, you may get even juicier offers.

Step 6: Summing it up

Life is too short for bad hosting. If you notice that your host is not giving what you agreed on, ask for your money. All the reputable hosting agencies have a forty-five-day money back guarantee. Coupon codes work on all hosting plans. Feel free to upgrade anytime. PRO TIP: You can also mint extra bucks by selling domains at the selling price. They will never know that you get them for a fraction of the cost.

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