Five Reasons Not to Start a Niche Blog

Conventional wisdom states that you should choose a niche topic for your blog. Starting a niche blog will make it easier for you to build traffic and make money. You’ll have less competition, it’ll be easier for readers to identify with you, and you’ll sell products more easily because you’ll have a better idea of your readers’ needs and wants. So generally, focusing on a niche topic is a good idea. However, there are several situations in which you might choose not to go this route. 

You’re making an online portfolio

Maybe you don’t care about monetization, and you don’t care how many people read your blog. Your site might serve just as a portfolio of your writing skills that demonstrates the wide range of writing styles and topics in which you’re able to produce good work. If this is the case, it doesn’t matter too much if there’s a common thread to your posts; you just want to show off your versatility. A niche blog focused on one area won’t let you do this. 

You’re already rich and famous 

If you’re on the Forbes rich list or a celebrity that can easily get a lot of press coverage, you can pretty much write about your tablecloth every day and you’ll still get traction. You could start a topic on a niche area if you really wanted to, but you don’t need to because you are a niche topic yourself. You can use a generalist blog to direct traffic to your existing products, new products, or simply use it to help build your personal brand and respond to press coverage from other media outlets. 

You don’t want to work 

A big draw of blogging is that you get to write and think about something you’re interested in — and get paid for it. But the path from zero to a successful blog is not an easy one. You’ll have to put a lot of work into marketing, social media, writing guest blogs, search engine optimization, responding to comments, and a million and one other things. If you’re not willing to put that work in, don’t start a niche blog. You might as well start a general one because you’re not likely to build traffic or make money in any case. 

You haven’t chosen a niche yet 

Maybe you have a few ideas for a niche blog, but you can’t decide between them. You could start a multi-topic blog covering all of them and see how you feel writing about the different topics. Is one topic easier than another? Does one of them engage you more? What sort of traction are they getting? An experiment like this can help narrow your options, and you can easily split off the posts to a new blog when you have decided. 

You already have a niche blog 

Maybe you are already working on a niche blog, and you have an idea for another one. Unless your first blog is already pulling in a sustainable, passive income with minimal maintenance, this is a bad idea. Think about everything you need to do to develop your blog – write new content, engage with your audience, maintain your site, create products, run advertising campaigns, manage social media accounts, write guest posts – the list goes on and on. If you dilute your efforts you’ll limit your results. Focus on just one blog for now. 

Stick to the time-honored wisdom 

In this case, the general wisdom is correct – if you’re interested in making money from a blog, choose a niche. But, of course, there are other reasons to start a blog. If you fit into one of the above categories, feel free to start a generalist blog. Remember to use social media like Facebook to promote your content such as on
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